Just like learning how to swim, cook, or drive a car, self-defense skills are vital skills to teach kids. Martial arts offers a healthy and supportive environment where students can build character and learn the self-defense skills that will keep them happy and healthy. Taekwondo is one of the most popular martial arts, and it attracts parents who want to instill character in their children.

Taekwondo is an amazing martial art that offers physical fitness while teaching kids self-respect, confidence, and discipline. But when it comes to self-defense skills, it’s not the best martial art for kids. Taekwondo teaches strikes and kicks, but those techniques lose their efficacy when an opponent gets in close range. We want to teach kids to protect themselves enough so they can get to safety. If they have enough space to throw strikes and kicks, then they have enough space to escape and find help. But if their attacker gets within range, then strikes and kicks aren’t as effective. They may even get taken to the ground, and in that scenario, your child needs strong grappling skills to defend themselves.

Also, most Taekwondo techniques are too harmful to practice on training partners without causing them serious injury. If you watch a Taekwondo match, you’ll notice that the athletes wear protective gear, something you definitely don’t see on the playground. With that gear, students don’t get the feedback they need to know if they’re performing the technique effectively, and they won’t find out if the techniques are working until it matters the most. That isn’t a lesson you want your child to learn in a real-life self-defense situation.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has the benefits of both ground-fighting and pressure-testing. Students learn how to stand their ground when they’re on their feet. If the fight goes to the ground, they have countless options for defending themselves without harming their attacker. At SBG Whitefish, students practice these techniques so they get that feedback in an environment that is safe, supportive, and fun!

We believe in character building both on and off the mats. That is why life skills are a huge component of our Growing Gorillas Kids Martial Arts program. Every month, our program focuses on skills such as confidence, kindness, focus, and perseverance. Students complete tasks at home like making their bed, cleaning up their room, getting ready for school, or helping their parents with chores. For students who complete their life skills homework, we give out stripes just like we give out jiu jitsu stripes. Enroll your child in our Growing Gorillas Kids Martial Arts program and they will develop the skills to thrive in life! Fill out the form, and one of our consultants will contact you and get your child on the path to success!

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