We’ve invested just over $35000 into our Fuji mats, wall mats and bag trolley system since our reopening in 2019. Unlike many gyms that claim safety is a concern, and then a quick observation of their facility reveals otherwise, when we say we want to keep you safe and healthy we mean it. You won’t find your head exposed to walls within our training facility. We have 1.5 inch thick FUJI mats. The safest, most-durable, and professional mat system available on the market today. Created with a unique Complex-Core foam technology, the FUJI TATAMI Series protects athletes by absorbing impact from throws and falls. The traditional tatami textured surface offers superb performance, exceptional grip, and a fast and safe surface. 

We also have:

  • Men’s and women’s changing areas with showers.
  • A private parking lot.
  • We have a consultation room where consultants create a custom training schedule for our members.

Our main mat is equipped with Fuji wall pads, a secondary mat also equipped with fuji wall pads, and a private lesson space equipped with Fuji wall pads. Our main mat is equipped with a trolley that allows us to roll out heavy bags to use during striking classes and for roll away for Jiu Jitsu. We have a large Rogue power rack system in the dedicated weight lifting area. We also have a Rogue airdyne bike, a treadmill and gymnastic rings.