Striking Classes In Whitefish, Montana

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Striking Training For Everyone

People come to our world-class Martial Arts training for many reasons: to learn self-defense and discipline, to reduce stress and improve health, or simply to have fun. No matter your motivation, you’ll find your tribe at Straight Blast Gym Whitefish

Every person who walks through our door:

  • Stays healthy while learning something new & having fun
  • Loses weight, improve fitness, & develop a healthy lifestyle
  • Makes new friendships & surround themselves with people who want to make them better & help them succeed.

Boxing is a Stand Up Martial Art.

  • Punches
  • Footwork
  • Dodging

We focus on the fundamental skills of Boxing and Thai Boxing: base, footwork, posture, and angles. Our classes are full contact but that contact is light and must be considerate of your partner. As John Kavanagh, head MMA coach to Conor McGregor has said many times “if we are not being paid, we don’t take heavy shots”. As scientific research on brain damage and concussions caused by strikes continues to unveil worrying data, its important that our classes reflect the data with a healthy approach to skill development that is never at the expense of our brains.