Is Karate Good for My Child? Kids Martial Arts at SBG Whitefish

Many people are familiar with The Karate Kid, a classic underdog story of Daniel, who starts at a new school and quickly becomes a target of the school bully. He builds confidence and learns how to defend himself by training in karate with Mr. Miyagi, faces his bully in a karate tournament, and triumphs. The Karate Kid inspired a generation of kids to train in karate, and no doubt the Cobra Kai reboot ignited an interest in younger generations.

Karate is a fantastic martial art for teaching your child discipline, confidence, and respec. Parents appreciate the mental benefits of kids martial arts programs as much as the physical benefits. Kids martial arts programs teach kids the discipline to follow through with a goal, the confidence to stand tall, and the resilience to overcome life’s challenges.

However, if you want your child to gain the skills and confidence to stand up for themselves the way that Daniel did, then karate is not the best martial art. Karate is great for physical fitness, but in a self-defense situation it can cause significant harm. Daniel fought Johnny at a tournament, an environment with rules and a referee. On the street or on the playground, those techniques quickly turn ugly.

Unlike karate, Brazilian jiu jitsu is designed to control an opponent, not harm them, making it a practical martial art for self-defense. With jiu jitsu, your child will have the skills to handle themselves in a bad position and control their opponent until help arrives without causing harm.

At SBG Whitefish, your child will learn these techniques in a safe environment with world-class coaches. Our kids martial arts curriculum takes the life skills training a step further by assigning homework to our students. Every month, we teach life skills such as perseverance, kindness, honesty, and accountability. Students fulfill tasks at home to develop these skills and earn a life skills stripe for completing the assignment.

The Growing Gorillas Kids Martial Arts program at SBG Whitefish raises leaders and role models on and off the mats. Fill out the form below and put your child on the path to success!

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