For beginner BJJ students, you will be exposed to new a lot of new experiences. It’s not easy to learn a new sport while wearing funny pajamas with an opponent who is in your personal space trying to dominate you. At SBG Whitefish, we want you to get your jiu jitsu journey off to the best start. Here are some simple goals you can work on so that you can fall in love with BJJ!

Be consistent. A one-hour class, two days per week may not seem like a lot of training time, but don’t forget that you’re starting a new activity and a new routine. At SBG Whitefish, we designed the BJJ Foundations schedule so that you can adapt to this new training regimen without burning out. 

When you get invited to the Combat Athlete program, then you will have the option of attending more classes and jumping into Open Mat. No matter where you are in your jiu jitsu journey, following a consistent training schedule will keep you on the path to success!

Learn the warmups. Shrimps, rolls, break falls, and komodo dragons aren’t just warmups. They are some of the most fundamental movements in jiu jitsu. They will help you follow through with other jiu jitsu techniques such as escapes, transitions, guard defense, takedowns, and submissions. Becoming proficient in the warmups and the other techniques will come much easier.

Be a good training partner. Although jiu jitsu is a fighting sport, our mats are a safe and respectful place to train. In our beginners BJJ class not only will you learn the fundamentals of jiu jitsu, but you will also learn how to be a safe and considerate training partner before you receive your first stripe. Communicate with each other about pressure and resistance, so you can both learn and grow together!

Practice good hygiene. You will spend a lot of time fighting in close quarters and getting covered in other people’s sweat. That is why we emphasize good hygiene practices so that our mats are a clean and safe place to train. We sanitize the mats in between classes, and we also educate our students on hygiene practices.

  • Always wear a clean uniform when you train.
  • Keep your fingernails and toenails clipped and trimmed.
  • Stay home if you feel sick or ill.

Whether you train BJJ for self-defense, to challenge yourself, or to stay fit and have fun, our BJJ programs will help you reach your goals. To start your BJJ training, fill out the form below!

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