The Gracie name is the most well-respected name in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and for good a reason. Helio Gracie and the generations of Gracie athletes who proceeded him created jiu jitsu as we know it. As a young man training in Japanese jiu jitsu, Helio’s health problems left him smaller and weaker than his training partners, so he adapted the techniques to suit his unique attributes. Those techniques are what became known as Brazilian jiu jitsu.

He went on to test his fighting style against opponents of other martial arts styles. In 1993, his son Royce Gracie won the first UFC fight against some of the best martial artists in the world using BJJ techniques. The Gracie method of testing made BJJ an effective and efficient style of fighting, and it’s the reason we primarily train jiu jitsu at SBG versus other martial arts. BJJ is not choreographed, and you can’t make excuses for losing. It’s one of the most honest fighting styles you will find.

The pursuit of truth in fighting is why Head Coach Matt Thornton founded Straight Blast Gym International. He developed an approach to jiu jitsu that places a high value on fundamentals, effectiveness, and aliveness as the Gracie’s did. Our world-class black belts and fighters have dedicated their careers to perfecting techniques that will win the fight.

Thirty years later we’ve grown into a worldwide organization that is still centered around those core values. We’ve made significant improvements to this approach with our BJJ Foundations program, a curriculum that puts beginner jiu jitsu students on the path to success. Our Combat Athlete Program builds on the BJJ fundamentals so that you can continue that success at every belt level.

BJJ has come a long way since the Gracie family tested their techniques against other martial arts styles. At SBG, we’ve taken the Gracie techniques and put them in a high-quality curriculum with experienced coaches. Get started on your jiu jitsu journey today by filling out the form below.

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