The Benefits of Gi and No Gi Training At SBG Whitefish

Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioners have strong opinions about the Gi versus No Gi debate, and as a beginner BJJ student, you may be wondering what the difference is between the two. Jiu jitsu techniques vary depending on the type of uniform. There are solid reasons for training in both uniforms, and either one can make your jiu jitsu training successful.

Training in the Gi offers collar and sleeve grips that make it easier to control your opponent, and it helps you develop your defensive game. No Gi training challenges students to train without those grips, so you have to be much more technical to get the submission.

If you train BJJ for self-defense, being well-trained in defensive and offensive techniques will give you the skills you need to defend yourself. Proponents of No Gi jiu jitsu training argue that the Gi is unrealistic for self-defense training. It makes people too dependent on sleeve and collar grips, and most people don’t walk around in heavy jackets.

That may be true in some places, but in Montana snow in April is not unheard of. If you learn how to use the gi effectively, you’ll learn that all manner of clothing can be used as a gi. Even lighter items of clothing such as jackets and hoodies require defensive techniques that you can only get from gi training.

The best jiu jitsu program is one that gets your training off on the right start and sets you up for success. As a beginner student at SBG Whitefish, you’ll begin your jiu jitsu training in a Gi with our BJJ Foundations program. The skills you develop in our beginner-friendly curriculum give you the strength and confidence to succeed in jiu jitsu regardless of the uniform. Training in both uniforms provides more tools and techniques to your jiu jitsu training. You won’t have to limit yourself to one style of training, and you will enjoy a versatile and well-rounded practitioner.

At SBG Whitefish, we are passionate about all aspects of BJJ training, and we train in both uniforms to learn all that jiu jitsu has to offer. Join SBG Whitefish and make yourself dangerous to bad people regardless of the uniform. Fill out the form below, and we’ll get you started on your jiu jitsu journey!

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